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Dave McCartt showing how to mount a Bavis window

Watch: Window Mounting and Wall Thickness

A frequent question that comes up during the procurement process is how do Bavis windows actually mount into the wall structure of the building. Dave McCartt answers that question in all of 90 seconds in this short demo video. Whether you're installing a standard Premium Window, Basic Window or Window-Drawer Combination Unit, the process is the same. It also should be noted that these windows ship as shown in order to make installation fast and easy. Take a look!

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Watch: Captive Carrier Quick Look

Bavis' Captive Carrier TransTrax has been a pharmacy-favorite solution for lane-two drive-thru for decades. We asked Sales Director Marcus Brewer to give a quick overview of the unit from both the teller and customer perspective, including a review of controls at each end of the transaction. You can get info and specs for the Captive Carrier here, or watch a much more technical demo of the unit here.

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Watch: Window-Drawer Combo Unit Demo

See how Bavis' window-drawer combo unit works from both a staff and customer perspective, including product details, transaction drawer accessories and audio options. Watch now, and learn why these combo units are a favorite for pharmacies, banks, dispensaries and more!

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Watch: Captive Carrier TransTrax Demo

Remote lane conveyors have never worked so good! Get an in-depth look at the functionality and usability of Bavis' Captive Carrier TransTrax conveyor for second- and third-lane drive-thru. Director of Sales, Marcus Brewer, and VP of Manufacturing, Dave McCartt explain how the Captive Carrier is different from other remote lane solutions, which industries are using it (it's not just pharmacies anymore), and what kind of audio and video options are available to round out the drive-thru experience. Take a look!

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Art of the Transaction Drawer | Bavis Fabacraft

Infographic: Building the Best Transaction Drawer for Drive-thru

A lot goes into crafting a high-quality transaction drawer. From design and engineering to materials and testing, it takes experience and expertise to deliver a product that allows for the reliable execution of every transaction. We've put together the following infographic to give you more insight into how we build our drawers and what you can (and should) expect from your transaction drawer in terms of quality and upkeep.

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