Security, Transactions, Access & Reliability: How Bavis' STAR Ethos Creates Value for Businesses

Since 1957, Bavis has been operating under four main principles when it comes to solution design and manufacturing for physical security and drive-thru. This is Bavis' STAR ethos, explained.

Security – Whether it’s your staff, your products or your cash, Bavis products are engineered to protect the most important assets of your business. Strong steel framing and bodywork, bullet-resistant glass and auto-locking features are a few of the ways we build security into our solutions. 

Transactions – Eliminating barriers around your transaction processes are top of mind at Bavis. Our products enable your staff to execute transactions quickly and correctly with confidence, allowing customers to conduct their business and get on with their day. 

Access – Different types of transactions require different levels of access to your staff. Bavis products grant your customers the right kind of access that your kind of business demands: access that enables smooth transactions without compromising staff, product or building security. 

Reliability – Maximum uptime and long product lifecycles are what make Bavis solutions truly top-of-the-line. It goes without saying: You can’t make money with broken transaction solutions. Engineered for mechanical longevity and built with high-quality components, Bavis products deliver value you can bank on. 

Security-Transactions-Access-Reliability: The four points of Bavis’ STAR ethos work together to maximize the value of your physical space. The fifth point of that STAR? It’s your own commitment to those values for both your staff and your customers. When you work with Bavis, you’re not just doing business, you’re building a better business.