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Bavis to sponsor NCIA Stakeholder Summits

Bavis to Sponsor NCIA Stakeholder Summits this Fall

Bavis Fabacraft is excited to announce we are sponsoring NCIA Stakeholder Summits in Detroit, MI (Sept. 12) and Columbus, OH (Oct. 10). NCIA committee members from Bavis, Marcus Brewer (Retail) and Tyler Munn (Marketing & Advertising), will be at both events to connect with fellow attendees and answer any questions around security and operations for dispensaries and cultivation facilities.

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Product Update, March 2024

VP of Product Management, Tim Dewell, gives a quick overview of Bavis Fabacraft's product roadmap, including changes we made in 2023 and how those set us up for new developments in 2024. Tim also explains how we're looking to deliver more value to specific markets, including cannabis dispensaries, pharmacies and banks. Watch below!

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Support and Service Sunset for Discontinued Audio Solutions

Bavis Fabacraft is announcing the SUNSETTING of SERVICE and SUPPORT of several audio interfacing solutions. Bavis has a long history of developing Private Branch eXchange (PBX) interface modules for the drive-thru audio market for consumers and customers to communicate. The below list of single lane or some dual lane interface modules, which all have been sunset from sale, are now being sunsetted from service and support. 

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