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Bavis Fabacraft FY22 Q3 Update | Better Drive-thru

Bavis Fabacraft Q3 Update: New Resources, Opportunities for Customers, Dealers and Architects

Another quarter has come and gone, but our commitment to improving the customer experience at Bavis Fabacraft is as strong as ever. Our goal main for the second half of 2022 is to bring to completion several projects designed to help our customers and dealers get through the purchasing process as quickly and effortlessly as possible. In other words: We want to continue to make life easier for you. With that goal in mind, along with other key objectives we’re working toward, here’s a look at what’s new from Q2 …

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Bavis Fabacraft pneumatic tube system in Agility Recovery temporary branch

Watch: Agility Recovery Teams with Bavis Fabacraft for Mobile Drive-thru Solution

Bavis Fabacraft engineered specialized pneumatic tube systems to integrate with Agility Recovery’s temporary branch recovery units, enabling full drive-thru service complete with audio and video enhancements. After the Bavis team conducted onsite testing and training at Agility Recovery’s facility in Georgia, the system was ready for real-world implementation. See how Agility Recovery leverages Bavis drive-thru solutions in this quick video.

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Welcome to Bavis Fabacraft

Watch: Welcome to Bavis Fabacraft

Who is Bavis Fabacraft and what are we all about? See how our focus on product quality and customer success help us deliver the best transaction drawers, drive-up windows, pneumatic tubes, remote lane conveyors and accessories for retail drive-thru. Check out the video below for insight into Bavis Fabacraft's vision for drive-thru, and how we're putting the customer at the center of everything we do.

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